The Cedar Valley Montessori School Unveils Its Donor Wall

A celebration on the last day of school unveiled a very special donor wall to acknowledge and thank those who helped make it possible for the school to re-open its doors after the 2008 flood. A great turnout of students, family, faculty and friends enjoyed the event and were the first to see and experience this one-of-a-kind donor wall.

Presentations’ not so simple task, was to design the layout for the donor wall which needed to include 85 tiles and recognize 250 donors and 125 volunteers within a preschool space. The design created was an artistic impression using shapes, color and movement. The elements work together to create an art form for the viewer to interpret.

Staff at the school organized the donor tile program and also installed them onto the wall. Families purchased a tile, then were invited to the school’s art room to stamp the hand print, name it and glaze it. The tiles become interactive for years to come as kids can touch and put there hands into the imprints. And the actual donors get to leave their mark in the school for future families and students to experience.

A local artist painted the background using overlaying brush strokes of color to create movement, depth and character.

Presentations produced and installed the layered display panels and lettering.

The result of this collaborated effort is a donor wall the Cedar Valley Montessori School is proud to showcase, truely reflects the style and character of the school, and is a lasting artistic thankyou to all those who helped re-open the doors.

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