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Digital Donor Sign with ARREYA software allows multiple screens at different Hospital locations

Digital Donor Sign with ARREYA software allows multiple screens at different Hospital locations

Presentations added a sleek new donor recognition wall to Trinity Health Systems. Interactive Digital for Hospital Donor Recognition DisplayEasy to update, the digital donor sign allows easy and remote interaction with the digital touchscreen to add new content through the cloud-based ARREYA digital signage software suite developed by Presentations.  Custom designed and built to combine beautifully with Trinity Health Systems interior design, the new donor wall has clear panel prints that can be updated for annual giving campaigns.  A great combination of static and digital make  this the perfect donor wall.

Design, fabrication, electronics and installation are all done by Presentations, Inc.  No subcontractors for Trinity Health to deal with later. Through their ARREYA digital signage software, the digital sign is viewable anywhere and at anytime on any smart device.

The three different hospital locations all boast the same donor display and play the same interactive content on touchscreens all through one ARREYA subscription.


Creating Engaging Content for your Digital Donor Wall

Creating Engaging Content for your Digital Donor Wall

Northern Illinois Food Bank KioskCongratulations! You made the decision to enter the world of digital signage. You purchased the necessary hardware and got it installed. You plug it in, turn it on and nothing…where is the content? Unlike television, digital signage doesn’t come with preprogrammed channels full of content, this needs to be designed and then formatted to work with your hardware and updated frequently.

The first step to creating engaging content is to focus on two questions:

What do you want it to do?

Who is your audience?

The second step is to hire a graphic designer that has experience creating digital content templates in the correct formats. The templates will give you the layout of your pages and the flow of your information, including the correct placement of interactive buttons and widgets to meet ADA requirements all with branding that identifies with your organization and your audience. Once you have these original templates you can make changes to different areas of the templates.

Some of the digital signage media players come with editors, ready to create your own content, and are based on their own proprietary software. The editors are varied and the learning curve can be more than you are willing to tackle. Because of our own experience with third party players, we have created ARREYA, a digital signage software complete with user-friendly editor that doesn’t rely on hardware and is completely cloud-based. Whatever you decide, do your research and pick one that allows you to create the content you want and is easy for the people that will be doing the updates.

You can buy the most expensive hardware, but without engaging and well-designed content, you just wasted your money.

For more information about ARREYA Digital Signage Suite or to try the FREE trial, go to www.ARREYA.com or call 319-294-6671


How do I determine my donor recognition budget?

Set aside a percentage of the total building budget for the donor wall construction. Avoid the appearance of overspending, but keep in mind that attractive walls make donors feel appreciated and encourage others to give in the future.

On a major campaign, the total of all fundraising costs (consultant, feasibility, campaign management, printing, donor events, donor gifts, donor recognition wall, etc.) total 8% – 14% of the total goal of the campaign. The lower the campaign goal, the higher the percentage, and vice versa. The cost should be calculated based on the campaign goal, then added to the campaign total to know what the dollar amount raised needs to be.

Of that fundraising percentage, it is really up to you on how and where to allocate the funds. Donor recognition needs to be taken seriously, as the campaign donors are the future annual donors, and the organizations do not want to lose them. Bottom line – you need to spend enough on the public recognition to make the donors feel special, cared for, valued, and sufficiently recognized. Donor recognition is NOT a “throw-away” item.