How do I determine my donor recognition budget?

Set aside a percentage of the total building budget for the donor wall construction. Avoid the appearance of overspending, but keep in mind that attractive walls make donors feel appreciated and encourage others to give in the future.

On a major campaign, the total of all fundraising costs (consultant, feasibility, campaign management, printing, donor events, donor gifts, donor recognition wall, etc.) total 8% – 14% of the total goal of the campaign. The lower the campaign goal, the higher the percentage, and vice versa. The cost should be calculated based on the campaign goal, then added to the campaign total to know what the dollar amount raised needs to be.

Of that fundraising percentage, it is really up to you on how and where to allocate the funds. Donor recognition needs to be taken seriously, as the campaign donors are the future annual donors, and the organizations do not want to lose them. Bottom line – you need to spend enough on the public recognition to make the donors feel special, cared for, valued, and sufficiently recognized. Donor recognition is NOT a “throw-away” item.