How To Manage Large Listings – Its Easy!

How To Manage Large Listings – Its Easy!

interactive digital signageInteractive digital donor recognition is a terrific way to manage your extensive lists of donor names. Using Arreya Digital Signage Suite  you can easily update digital donor lists with the Arreya widget called List-eez.  The Arreya widget, List-eez, automatically formats any data list and converts it to columns and pages with a few clicks.  When you are ready to replace your donor list, just replace the list within your Arreya media library.  No need to reformat, it automatically replaces your digital list to all your devices.

Have different donor campaigns?  Interactive digital donor recognition with Arreya digital signage allows for multiple campaigns within the same content.  Arreya allows you to share the same content on unlimited devices without adding any costs.

Want to spotlight on specific donors with donor stories? Digital donor recognition with Arreya digital signage allows you to add and change donor stories instantly and remotely with the easy built-in editor and manager.

Digital donor recognition is the perfect addition to any donor recognition project. It combines so many of the needs of donor recognition while reducing the ongoing maintenance costs and engaging your  audience and future donors.


Digital Donor Signage made Easy with ARREYA Software

Digital Donor Signage made Easy with ARREYA Software

UP_BlankChildrenHosp_WEBArreya_PressImageYou have heard it all, digital signage systems claiming to use the latest technology, touchscreen friendly and easy, simple, quick content editors that can handle anything.

Don’t be fooled by all the digital signage systems that are claiming they deliver the moon. With all the new technology hitting the arena, everyone is scrambling to be the first to incorporate it all and will tell you they can. How do you wade through the muck and find what really works and more importantly works for you?

Start at the beginning, write a digital content outline mapping out what you want on your digital signage and most importantly, who do you want it to reach. Is it a multi-page touchscreen or do you just want a simple revolving slideshow? Do you only want one monitor that hangs in your lobby or do you want your content to be viewable and interactive with all of your employees or anyone who wants to see it. Then after you have figured out your content and your audience, do some research for a company that fits your needs and is reliable. If you have seen a digital sign you like, talk to the marketing or facilities people that probably had the task of getting it done.

Ask questions about the company that sold the system:

• Did they use a third party vendor
• What was the initial expense
• Can they allow you to do the content editing or do they
• How much do they charge for content editing
• What is the yearly upgrade charge
• How do they handle service
• How reliable is the system

Digital signage is complicated to most of us, but by knowing what you want at the start and researching recommendations you will get what you want, avoid the companies that can’t give you what you want and spend only what you need too.

Jill Burgess, President ARREYAtm digital signage software