A Wall of Hope Donor Wall to Serve Seniors

Presentations, Inc. was commissioned to design and build a donor wall for Community SeniorServ in Anaheim, California.  SeniorServ was looking to integrate their vision and mission statement, while making sure the recognition wall could easily have more names added.installed

This artful recognition wall is a “sandwich flex system”.  An aluminum track system with a staggered design that allows for photo, content and logo panels to be incorporated into one recognition unit. The tonal photos play off of the client colors, but give a neutral background for readability of name lists. The staggering of the aluminum bars along with graphic panels jumping over bars builds interest in the donor wall and makes it more dynamic.

A one of a kind donor wall specifically designed for SeniorServ, they can continue to obtain funding support for their community services.

“It looks spectacular, we are delighted! Thank you very much for your creative design and support throughout the process.” Phil Beukema | Vice President Development & Communications

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