Digital Donor Wall Welcomes Visitors

Digital Donor Wall Welcomes Visitors

The Ark, a Jewish outreach center in Chicago, was in need of a durable way to greet visitors and post events, schedules and honor their many donors. The perfect solution was a combination donor wall that contains both updateable panels and a digital donor wall that is updated on a daily basis. Located immediately inside the front door and next to the cafeteria, the new donor wall brightens the space and easily directs visitors to the ongoing activities of The Ark.Digital Donor Wall with Custom Surround in Chicago, IL - Presentations, Inc

The first design element that was addressed, was the need for the touchscreen monitor to be housed in a sturdy case. Once that was accomplished, donor name sections were added on either side of the monitor with panels that are easily updated. To complete the design aluminum trim was added to the sides and corners of each section for a clean and durable look. Digital Donor Display with Custom Surround in Chicago, IL - Presentations, Inc


For fun, a dimensional wordle was created in the shape of The Ark logo and attached to the front of the display.

The completed project is a beautiful, durable donor display that greets visitors with daily events and celebrates the many, generous donors.

Digital Donor Recognition with Custom Surround for Religious Organization in Chicago, IL - Presentations, Inc

Hospital’s New Digital Donor Display Lights the Way

Hospital’s New Digital Donor Display Lights the Way

Hospital Digital Donor Display Makes Impression - Cedar Rapids, IA - Presentations, IncWith decades of donor participation and giving campaigns the original St. Luke’s Hospital marble donor wall became a challenge to keep updated and was not relevant to the needs of today’s different types of donations. St. Luke’s Hospital Foundation wanted a donor wall that was easy to update, incorporated all of the different campaigns and encouraged new donations.

To begin, a new location by an entrance was recommended and chosen to catch the attention of more visitors. Second, a design that incorporates all of the different campaigns and is easy to update, and allows for visitor information. The final design is a spectacular 25 foot lit wall has over 30000 color changing LED lights, full color prints relevant to donors, a digital touchscreen that can bHospital Adds Custom Donor Wall with Digital Display - Cedar Rapids, IA - Presentations, Ince updated from a secure wireless connection and glass donor blocks and panels that are updateable.Custom Donor Wall with Digital Display for Hospitals - Cedar Rapids, IA - Presentations, Inc

Seeing is believing, check out the online YouTube Video of the wall changing colors and the digital interactive signage.

The St. Luke’s donor wall and Presentations were featured in the June 2012 issue of Healthcare AV Magazine.  To get more insider information on this donor wall, take a look at the ARTICLE!

Digital Donor Sign Increases Hospital Donations

Digital Donor Sign Increases Hospital Donations

Saunders Medical Center, a brand new healthcare facility in Wahoo, Nebraska needed a way to acknowledge their donors, post upcoming events Digital Donor Sign Increases Donations or Wahoo, Nebraska - Presentations, Incand most importantly, encourage new donations. The answer was a digital donor wall with ARREYA digital signage software. Not unlike many waiting areas, Saunders had hung pictures and a television for visitors. Wanting to do more with the space and bring in more donations for the community hospital, management decided on an interactive digital donor wall that would engage visitors. Using the cloud-based ARREYA software, their off-site designer was able to add the digital content and PUSH it instantly. The hospital marketing director could then view the content on the monitor and relay to the designer over a cell phone what she wanted updated.

As stated by the interim CEO, Tyler Toline, “I believe being from a small facility that the price to value of the work Presentations has put up is perfect for our markets.  We get the technology everyone enjoys along with the static recognition that some generations come to value.  It is truly a great product that has been the talk of many conversations in our lobby.  It has already generated multiple donations from people wanting their name on the board.”

ARREYA digital signage software is easy to use and reliable. Content can be done from anywhere through the cloud-based subscription and is instantly viewable. Interactive touchscreen is a basic part of the monthly subscription, so Saunders added pages for different donor campaigns, events, donor stories and biographies.

Saunders Medical Center combined the capital campaign donors with the other campaigns into this one elegant donor wall.  No need to spend money on multiple donor walls. Everything is under “one roof” allowing for donor to view everything in one location.

Digital Donor Wall Signage for Nature Center

Digital Donor Wall Signage for Nature Center

Looking for a way to combine an informational piece and a donor recognition wall into one display at the Wickiup Hill Outdoor Learning Center, Presentations integrated proximity switch lighting, translucent prints, 42″ digital touchscreen and Google maps all into one fun, engaging donor wall.

Digital Donor Wall Signage for Nature Center - Cedar Rapids, IA Located within the main entrance, every visitor to the Center is immediately struck by the engaging donor display. A little of bit of something for everyone, visitors can locate the different outdoor facilities by using the Google Maps interface or find out upcoming events through the Google Calendar interface.

Outdoor Learning Center Donor Wall

When visitors engage the proximity slider by moving it to the different giving levels, the dragonfly light trail spins down the graphic panel and lands on the touchscreen to display the specific donor list.  Visually stunning graphics and colors combine with the translucent donor panels to celebrate individual donors and shine with the use of LED lighting. Oak trim was custom stained to match the rest of the facilities woodwork and CNC cut to protect the graphic panels.

Layering of the panels and three dimensional dragonflies finish off the spectacular donor wall and complete the all inclusive donor recognition display wall.

Check out the video to see the interactive elements.

Donor Wall Celebrates the “Can Do” Attitude of Texas Lions Camp

Donor Wall Celebrates the “Can Do” Attitude of Texas Lions Camp

Creating a new and inspiring donor recognition wall was priority for the Texas Lions Camp located in Kerrville, Texas. This amazing outdoor learning center provides the “Can Do” philosophy and improve self esteem for children with physical disabilities, Type 1 diabetes, and cancer. Because of the support from donors and volunteers TLC has been providing camping experiences at no charge, since 1949.

After making a connection with Presentations at the AFP Trade Show in Vancouver, TLC commissioned Presentations to concept, build, and install a donor wall. Initial brainstorming identified this donor display needed to be flexible, easily and cost effective to update, include a digital component, showcase the TLC story and inspire involvement.

Donor Wall at Texas Lions Camp - Presentations, Inc. Iowa

TLC Donor Wall

An interactive section of the donor wall includes a touch screen digital display within the grid system to recognize lower level donors and invites guests to learn about activities, events and more. The digital component was a great solution to easily manage and recognize the other 23,846 donors which before couldn’t be effectively acknowledged. Developing a custom web based donor layout listing software was a key component because the 23,846 names is such a huge number to handle. Now the digital donor display allows any TLC staff member wireless access for updates on the fly keeping the display current and making updates a very easy and efficient task.

Donor Recognition Display at Texas Lions Camp - Presentations, Inc. Iowa

TLC Digital Donor Display

“TLC’s Board of Directors LOVE IT, a flawless execution of our plan was delivered by Presentations, and I cannot be more thrilled with our donor recognition wall”, said Stephen S. Mabry, CEO Texas Lions Camp.  

Presentations is proud to have delivered a donor wall that truly speaks for TLC and that will inspire giving to continue for years to come.