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Donor Walls Create a Lasting Impression

Donor Walls Create a Lasting Impression

Donor Recognition Display at Iowa State Fairgrounds - Presentations, IncDonor Walls at Iowa State Fairgrounds - Presentations, IncThe Iowa State Fair has been an Iowa tradition for many years. The Blue Ribbon Foundation works hard to ensure the tradition remains for many years to come. In preparation for this year’s fair, the Blue Ribbon Foundation contacted Presentations to make a second donor wall to recognize the ongoing Planned Giving Commitments.

The goal given was to create a display themed after the first successful donor wall (for more information on this wall go to the Block by Block post) using the Blue Ribbon Foundation brand but to also make it stand out as a different campaign. This new donor wall uses the same background shape, tile colors, and quilted theme, however to add differentiation between the two campaigns a diamond quilting technique was incorporated as the pattern. Six different giving level diamond tiles connect together to form a geometric circular pattern – “Champions Circle”.  The design is an abstract combination of a flower, star, sun, and crops to create an original art form which identifies with the Blue Ribbon Foundation.

The Champion’s Circle now hangs in Richard O. Jacobson Exhibition Center at the Iowa State Fair Grounds near the Block by Block donor wall, gets seen by thousands of visitors, and is a daily thank you to all those who have made a commitments to this foundation.


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August 9, 2012