Railwall System Donor Wall Gives Hope to Food Bank

Railwall System Donor Wall Gives Hope to Food Bank

Railwall System Donor Display Gives Hope to Food Bank - IllinoisRailwall System Donor Wall Gives Hope to Food Bank - IllinoisNorthern Illinois Food bank provides food for an estimated 502,400 different people annually, and 61,600 different people in any given week. The number of supporters of the Capitol Campaign, on the donor recognition wall, demonstrates what impact this food bank has on the community. Knowing that all donors were an important to building the new facility the food bank created a second donor wall to identify a much larger group of donors at lower giving levels.

The goal of this donor wall was to have impact and presence but to stay away from just lists of names. Using Presentations Rail Wall System a vertical grid of printed and clear plexiglass panels. The large lists of names was turned into signature panels of randomly placed names with signature sizes to denote giving levels. To help offset the flat grid wall the donor name panels “jump” between 3 bars creating a three dimensional effect. Custom art adds emotion and ties the donations to people it impacts. The donor system was also design to be updated if needed and additional sections can be created for future campaigns.

The result is a second level donor wall that stands on its own, shows value and has impact while identifying large groups of donorsĀ  in a very original format.

Donor Recognition Wall Gives Hope to Food Bank - Illinois


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April 14, 2014