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Donor Recognition Plaque for Hospital

Donor Recognition Plaque for Hospital

MH Recognition Display 1The outdoor donor recognition plaque recognizes the heroic efforts by Mercy Hospital during the flood of 2008. Located more than 10 blocks outside the flood zone. Mercy Medical Center was shocked to see the flood waters enter the ground level of their hospital. While volunteers, Mercy employees and contract workers held back the waters. Mercy employees succeeded in evacuatingMH Recognition Display 2 over 200 patients.

Mercy Hospital asked Presentations to create a flood line marker and plaque. Working with the Marketing team at Mercy Hospital we created a custom artistic wave like shape to represent the final Cedar River crest. And above this marker a plaque showcasing a photo of the event representing the determination of the people involved.

The concept involved wrapping all four sides of a square pillar next to the entry doors. We chose to use aluminum which matches the aluminum window frames and can hold up to being outdoors. Using a two layer design we had the aluminum custom cut and shaped to create a water like feel. Then we grinded texture and artistically painted one of the layers a metallic blue. To match the aluminum marker we created an aluminum plaque using a translucent film mounted to aluminum panels. The final result is a custom art piece that glimmers in the sun light – a beautiful reminder of human spirit during a devastating time.


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September 15, 2008