A “Clear Choice” for The Great Jones County Fair Donor Display

A “Clear Choice” for The Great Jones County Fair Donor Display

Donor Recognition Display for County Fairgrounds in Iowa
When The Great Jones County Fair Board decided to build a donor wall to be located in the brand new Youth Development Center, they sought the help of Presentations, Inc to educate them on the process, and what a donor recognition wall would entail.  The new building would house 4-H, Youth Activities, and the Fair and Ticket Offices.

It was important to the Board that the existing Stone City stone wall stay intact and be visible through the donor wall. Presentations designed an ongoing donor recognition system set off from the wall, using Plexiglas, to balance and fit the space.  The Plexiglas gives an airy and light feeling that showcases both the Stone City stone wall and the agriculture themed recognition wall.Donor Display for County Fairgrounds in Iowa

Top Producers, Harvesters, Plowers, Planters, Tillers, and Cultivators represent the different donor levels and incorporate the history of the Great Jones County Fair. This One-Of-A-Kind donor recognition wall grabs the attention of all who enter the new Youth Development Center. With the airy feel of the “floating wall”, it is an artistic representation of the agricultural environment that fits the space and meets Donor Recognition needs.

Truly the “Clear Choice” was using Plexiglas for this recognition system, not only for aesthetics, but for functionality. Each donor plate can be moved for an “on-going”  system that can be used for decades to come.






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January 28, 2013