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School Emblem Flies High on Donor Recognition Wall

School Emblem Flies High on Donor Recognition Wall

Kirkwood Community College recently expanded their campus with new educational classrooms in Washington, Iowa.  To celebrate the generous donors that made this happen a custom donor recognition wall was created for the main lobby.  The 7 foot tall Kirkwood emblem is the focal point of the donor wall and it visually impacts the space and catches peoples attention. Higher Education Donor Recognition Display - Cedar Rapids, IAThe combination of materials;  aluminum, plexiglass and prints makes for an exciting and textural donor wall encouraging more donations.  The donor naming panels are a translucent print that allows the natural beauty of the aluminum to come through and the panels are replaceable as more donors are added to the recognition wall.

Higher Education Donor Recognition Wall - Cedar Rapids, IAThe stunning 10′ x 7′ donor recognition wall adds branding through the school emblem and the school colors, but still is respectful of the donors. Great care was taken to ensure the design reflected the school, but didn’t take on the look of a short term advertising campaign. The donor wall has longevity and should last a lifetime of giving.




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June 26, 2014