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Donor Recognition Wall Becomes a Lasting Reminder of Community Partnership

Donor Recognition Wall Becomes a Lasting Reminder of Community Partnership

With global vision and innovative curriculum, Kirkwood is redefining the role of the community college in meeting the academic needs of the 21st century. Now more than ever, that vision is reaching far beyond its growing main campus in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Working in partnership with eight school districts and other community partners, Kirkwood’s Jones Regional Education Center in Monticello will have a significant impact on the entire region, creating more educational opportunities, additional economic development and a better workforce.

To recognize this great partnership Kirkwood asked Presentations to design and create a recognition display for the new facility. Our first step was understanding this partnership and then to figure out in what way can we express this on a wall. A quote from Kirkwood’s President captured just that and we decided it was a great message to include within the display. Using the circular Kirkwood logo as the focus we designed arched sections to wrap around and create a sense of connection and partnership. We designed the piece to be an abstract art form on the wall which gives it interest to stand out and be noticed. The President’s quote is included on the largest section then the three addition overlapping layers stair step back to include around 200 partner/donor names. To create a lasting impression we created every thing on custom cut aluminum panels and applied clear lexan prints to allow the shimmer of the aluminum to shine and create impact.

The result is a one of a kind donor recognition wall that provides a lasting reminder of a partnership within a community which created a center that will serve as a national model for other rural areas to follow.


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October 13, 2009