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Donor Wall Celebrates the “Can Do” Attitude of Texas Lions Camp

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Donor Wall Celebrates the “Can Do” Attitude of Texas Lions Camp

Creating a new and inspiring donor recognition wall was priority for the Texas Lions Camp located in Kerrville, Texas. This amazing outdoor learning center provides the “Can Do” philosophy and improve self esteem for children with physical disabilities, Type 1 diabetes, and cancer. Because of the support from donors and volunteers TLC has been providing camping experiences at no charge, since 1949.

After making a connection with Presentations at the AFP Trade Show in Vancouver, TLC commissioned Presentations to concept, build, and install a donor wall. Initial brainstorming identified this donor display needed to be flexible, easily and cost effective to update, include a digital component, showcase the TLC story and inspire involvement.

Donor Wall at Texas Lions Camp - Presentations, Inc. Iowa

TLC Donor Wall

An interactive section of the donor wall includes a touch screen digital display within the grid system to recognize lower level donors and invites guests to learn about activities, events and more. The digital component was a great solution to easily manage and recognize the other 23,846 donors which before couldn’t be effectively acknowledged. Developing a custom web based donor layout listing software was a key component because the 23,846 names is such a huge number to handle. Now the digital donor display allows any TLC staff member wireless access for updates on the fly keeping the display current and making updates a very easy and efficient task.

Donor Recognition Display at Texas Lions Camp - Presentations, Inc. Iowa

TLC Digital Donor Display

“TLC’s Board of Directors LOVE IT, a flawless execution of our plan was delivered by Presentations, and I cannot be more thrilled with our donor recognition wall”, said Stephen S. Mabry, CEO Texas Lions Camp.  

Presentations is proud to have delivered a donor wall that truly speaks for TLC and that will inspire giving to continue for years to come.


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February 11, 2013