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Breast Cancer Donor Recognition

Breast Cancer Donor Recognition

Branded Custom Donor Display for Breast Cancer - Anamosa, IA

Go PINK in your Donor Recognition

Presentations, Inc was recently tasked with creating a “pink wall” for a breast cancer donor recognition display by UnityPoint – Jones Regional Medical Center. The fundraiser was a one time campaign to update the cancer center with the latest technology in 3D mammography. Jones Regional Medical Center serves a rural population, so bringing awareness and technology to the small hospital is sure to be a positive addition to their services. The hospital’s campaign information stated that 1 in 8 women will suffer from breast cancer in their lifetime.

As an environmental graphic design consulting and fabrication company, Presentations has created many donor recognition displays for hospitals and nonprofit organizations over its 20 years, but this is the first of its kind. The campaign was targeted and short, but would help hundreds of women detect breast cancer before it becomes life-threatening.

Branded Yet Beautiful

Everybody knows that the pink ribbon is for breast cancer awareness, people wear pink shirts and athletic teams sport pink socks in October. It only makes sense that the donor recognition display would be shades of pink and be adorned with the symbolic pink ribbon. It is eye-catching and speaks to the audience that cares about the cause.

Custom design and fabrication services from Presentations ensured that the donor display tells the story, states the mission of breast cancer services and awareness, and expresses gratitude to the people who contributed to the new 3D mammography equipment.

The Possibilities are Endless

Donor recognition displays can be any shape, size or color, but the key is to make it mean something. A pink ribbon may state the mission of the organization all by itself, but displays for other organizations may need a more in-depth explanation. Mission statements, photos, colors and even interactive digital donor displays with sound and stories can be incorporated into your signage. There is no limit when you have your display custom designed and fabricated by a company that can create displays from start to finish.



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June 12, 2015