Recent Works of Recognition and Donor Walls

Donor Recognition Signs Beyond the Cookie-Cutter

Donor recognition signs don’t have to be plaques and lists of names that look more like tombstones than a celebration of giving. Donor walls made up of engraved blocks and printed lists are […]

Vibrant Donor Wall Celebrates Jewish Traditions

Our Rail Wall System for donor recognition at Tamid NYC inspires all comers to the Downtown Synagogue with it’s vibrant colors and engaging photos. Custom designed and fabricated using our unique aluminum […]

Rail Wall System Donor Wall Gives Hope to Food Bank

Northern Illinois Food bank provides food for an estimated 502,400 different people annually, and 61,600 different people in any given week. The number of supporters of the Capitol Campaign, on the donor […]

Hospital’s New Digital Donor Display Lights the Way

With decades of donor participation and giving campaigns the original St. Luke’s Hospital marble donor wall became a challenge to keep updated and was not relevant to the needs of todays different […]

Donor Sign Incorporated Client’s Logo

Using the client’s logo, this brilliant  donor recognition wall was designed to inspire more donations. Needing only the static portion of the donor wall, but wanting to incorporate an existing digital display, very […]

Digital Donor Signage made Easy with ARREYA

You have heard it all, digital signage systems claiming to use the latest technology, touchscreen friendly and easy, simple, quick content editors that can handle anything. Don’t be fooled by all the […]

Digital Donor Sign for Nature Center

Looking for a way to combine an informational piece and a donor recognition wall into one display at the Wickiup Hill Outdoor Learning Center, Presentations integrated proximity switch lighting, translucent prints, 42″ […]

Hospital Dental Clinic Memorial Donor Wall

St. Luke’s Hospital wanted to honor the man who had given so much to the Dental Health Center located within the hospital. More than naming the clinic after him, they  wanted visitors […]

Donor Wall Celebrates the “Can Do” Attitude of Texas Lions Camp

Creating a new and inspiring donor recognition wall was priority for the Texas Lions Camp located in Kerrville, Texas. This amazing outdoor learning center provides the “Can Do” philosophy and improve self esteem for […]

A Wall of Hope Donor Wall to Serve Seniors

Presentations, Inc. was commissioned to design and build a donor wall for Community SeniorServ in Anaheim, California.  SeniorServ was looking to integrate their vision and mission statement, while making sure the recognition […]