Donor Wall Tree for Hospice

When a unique and artistic donor recognition wall was needed for the newly constructed, state of the art, Hospice Inpatient Unit at St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, looked to Presentations to deliver another one of a kind donor wall that incorporated their vision for the space.  St. Luke’s Hospital and Presentations have a trusted relationship and worked seamlessly together to bring to life the artful vision of this magical donor recognition wall.


At first glance, you’re drawn into the beauty of the donor wall by the soothing earth tones of the individually cut donor leaves, and the whimsy of the etched swirling branches that seem to carry the donor leaves and flow through the air into the serene forest.

Presentations knew this donor wall needed to not only fit the space, which is at the entrance to the hospice unit, and a gathering area for visitors and families, but it also needed to tie into and add an artistic tone.  It was only fitting, that the theme of the donor recognition wall, and inpatient hospice unit, embrace the seasons of life and change.

This intriguing donor recognition wall is made of translucent photo panels.  Etched line art Hospice Donor Leafwas added to each panel for a whimsical feeling and wood was used to tie it all together.  Presentations went a step further and carried these materials throughout the hospice unit with nearly 20 room naming signs made of these same materials.

St. Luke’s is extremely pleased with everything Presentations accomplished. Going above and beyond and providing a donor recognition wall that is not only a piece of art that speaks to people, but is functional and inspiring to future donors.

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