Hospital Dental Clinic Memorial Donor Wall

St. Luke’s Hospital wanted to honor the man who had given so much to the Dental Health Center located within the hospital. More than naming the clinic after him, they  wanted visitors to learn a little about the years of dedication Dr. Rhys B. Jones had given. The memorial donor wall brings all of the elements together into one compact display and can be seen from the entrance of the clinic.


The memorial donor wall incorporates frosted acrylic, three dimensional lettering and aluminum into a layered ensemble of circular bubbles that fit perfectly into the bright and aquatic themed space. Dr. Jones’ photo was produced on clear acrylic with aluminum backer to give it life and a depth.

The final design is a impressive dedication donor wall that fits perfectly into the existing space and greets all patients and visitors with the cheery disposition and dedication that Dr. Jones showed on a daily basis.

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