Digital Donor Walls is the fastest growing segment of the donor wall market. If you are looking at a new donor wall, you are probably looking at digital along with static donor walls.  Keep in mind that static is 1/3 the cost of the digital donor wall and once you install the static wall, other than maybe some name updates, it is complete and you don’t have to think about it for a while.  Digital donor walls are a great addition and really engage donors to give, but they need to be updated on a regular schedule showcasing new donors, new events, awards, video and anything else you can think of to engage visitors and perspective donors.  It is not worth the money if you are not planning on any updates. The remote updates is what makes digital donor walls worth the money.  Just like a website you can make it anything you want, add anything you want and combine it with marketing or informational kiosks that everyone will want to see.TH_Donor_Wall_6_WEB

What I’m saying is don’t go into digital thinking it is just like static walls or just because it is the latest thing. Be prepared to embrace it for the long term, it will be worth the money if done correctly and with a reliable company who does it all in-house. If you contract with a vendor who subcontracts the digital, you will not be able to find the subcontractor when something goes wrong. Do your research, ask for references and check them. There are a lot of companies claiming to do digital, but just like shopping for a tablet or phone, pick what works for you and a reliable company that will be there for the future.