Donor Wall greets visitors at Northern Illinois Food Bank’s new facility

In order to better position the Food Bank to meet the increasing need for years to come, NIFB launched a Capital Campaign “We are running out of space, but not out of hungry people” to build a new Food Distribution and Community Nutrition Center. The campaign was a success and in August 2011 Northern Illinois Food Bank opened the doors of their new facility.

To recognize and thank the donors for their support, the Northern Illinois Food Bank (NIFB) wanted a unique donor wall that fit the new open space of the lobby.  The challenge was designing something that spoke to the food bank and their campaign, but fit the space. The creative process went from a logo wall using actual food cans to, a display of food cans, but the final design was geometric formation of cylinders to represent cans.

To also add a sense of impact, images and quotes were incorporated into the layout. The final design identifies four levels of giving, relates to the food bank, adds shape, color and reflection to the space.

The curved tin was also designed into the facilities wayfinding and room naming opportunities for donors to be recognized on.

A touch screen kiosk was developed for the lobby which displays informational content about the food bank and is also an educational component about features of the building.

The result was a one-of-a-kind look and design NIFB was proud to showcase and share with the community it serves.

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