Digital Donor Wall Welcomes Visitors

The Ark, a Jewish outreach center in Chicago, was in need of a durable way to greet visitors and post events, schedules and honor their many donors. The perfect solution was a combination donor wall that contains both updateable panels and a digital donor wall that is updated on a daily basis. Located immediately inside the front door and next to the cafeteria, the new donor wall brightens the space and easily directs visitors to the ongoing activities of The Ark.TheArk_W1

The first design element that was addressed, was the need for the touchscreen monitor to be housed in a sturdy case. Once that was accomplished, donor name sections were added on either side of the monitor with panels that are easily updated. To complete the design aluminum trim was added to the sides and corners of each section for a clean and durable look. TheArk_W3


For fun, a dimensional wordle was created in the shape of The Ark logo and attached to the front of the display.

The completed project is a beautiful, durable donor display that greets visitors with daily events and celebrates the many, generous donors.


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