The simple answer to the question “Can anyone design donor walls?” is No, but you are probably wondering why you can’t have your best friends daughter, who is a graphic design major, design your donor wall. It’s free, right!  What could be better.  You need to ask yourself the following questions:good 1-web

  •   Are your donors important?
  •   Is your project important?
  •   Is your organization important?

Northern Illinois Food Bank KioskIf you answer yes to these questions, than you need to hire a design firm that has experience in donor wall design. Experienced donor wall designers have knowledge of ADA requirements, engineering, and large format dimensional design. Most have a degree in graphic design, interior design or architecture, but the industry is finally beginning to embrace the true field of donor wall design – environmental design or experiential design. Many design firms are advertising jobs as environmental design or experiential design for this reason. Still confused? Recently, we were contacted by a design firm that wants us to build a donor wall they designed, which we are happy to do.  The design has donor name plates less than 10″ from the floor, think about that for a moment; would you put your donor names that low on a wall, or better yet, if your a donor, would you want your name that close to the floor. Experienced donor wall designers always consider readability height, size of copy and how far the display will project into the space. If you hire an experienced donor wall design firm, you eliminate the need to consider all the variables that come with a large display. No concerns for stability, readability or longevity.  You only have to focus on your donors.