Alliant Energy Incorporates A Recognition Display Into Its Newly Renovated Office

AEFloodMaker1As their renovation neared completion, Alliant Energy wanted to recognize the Flood of ’08 at their Cedar Rapids Operations Plant. Located near the Cedar River, the building was devastated with 57.75 inches of interior water. Our challenge was to concept, create and install a means of recognition to this massive event without overpowering this new corporate space.

Knowing that pictures speak louder than words, we collected photographs taken by Alliant’s co-workers and photographers to compile a gallery of the gripping reality. The design we conceived not only incorporated these photographs, but was displayed in a way that took it beyond a recognition plaque and now exists as a design element to the space. Installed at precisely 57.75 inches, the “stripe” or “gallery” stands as a reminder of what was endured that fateful week in June of 2008.

Awe inspiring, this attractive recognition display enhances the space and provides a peek at history for those with a few moments who want to take in the compelling photos.

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